Do you want to settle in Spain on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, with a orange juice in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening?

Imagine that your elderly parents will be able to spend more time in the clean environment, and your children will be able to get a decent education at an affordable price? And most importantly, you are after a hard working year, will be able to enjoy the mild climate and varied gastronomy, cultural programs, sports, and shopping of course.

«» set up a subsidiary «», professionals who have over 9 years of experience in real estate across the country, including the Balearic and Canary Islands. Your personal assistant will take care of everything: advice prior to purchase real estate, administrative procedures, legal assistance, support, funding.

After purchasing the home, you will not need to deal with issues such as utilities, purchase of furniture and household equipment, personnel, purchasing a car or booking tickets, theaters or museums.

We offer you all the necessary support. Thanks to the Department of «» – concierge services, you can forget about the problems of integration in the country.

When you get tired move around the country and local vineyards, citrus groves, art galleries, sea fishing and exploring local villages, your personal assistant offer you to contact the Department of «Tourism in Europe». You will be able to fly to any page in Europe, while not located in a cold hotel with a cozy penthouse with a view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or in the XVI century house overlooking a canal in Venice.

Let me tell you, we are all that you need! Thus, if you want to visit only local events, to get a picture or painting of the classical or advanced artist, to sail under sail, or enjoy a variety of local cuisine, we invite you to visit our site / shop «». Here you can enjoy a discount card for all services store.

We are all customers, who then often require the quality of service in a short time. Also, we don’t like to change experts who have proven that they are professionals and because the company «» creates a personal approach to each of you, and in any area. In this manner, you will feel at home in Spain.

Life is too short to do for themselves what they can do for you for the money others.
S. Maugham

  • Central Office Valencia

    • Tetyana Sydorenko
    • +34 645 981 299
    • c/Timoneda 4, 4º
    • 46008, Valencia, Spain
  • Delegation of Madrid

    • Araceli Lauret
    • +34 603 448 575
    • c/Conde de Peñalver 56
    • 28006, Madrid, Spain