The easiest way to book your stay – this hotel! But we do not always offer the hotel with a special baby food, do not often see a hotel where you can bring your friend’s smaller, and sometimes you just want to dip into the typical life of a country / city.

What you need to do? Book comfortable apartments, medieval chalets, stylish penthouse apartments or villa class “luxury”, where you can have a spacious room, equipped kitchen, garden or terrace.

If you are accustomed to comfort, you will be provided with maid service, chef or a governess. Wants to take a tour of a museum or a historical district of the city? The guide will be provided to you in the shortest possible time.

Personal Assistant to be «planning” a stay in your chosen city, will talk about where to find the most delicious pastries kind of event to visit, the best way to get to the cultural and entertainment venues, and what to spend your money. It will take you to / during and after travel.

You do not need to draw up a lease and hire an interpreter, lawyer, or just take the words of a tour operator or owner. We will give you a contract in your language.

Booking in advance or for a longer period, you can count on discounts.

If your aim is to relax efficiently, comfortably and confidently, then personal assistant will plan your travel from the point “A” to point “I”. You will be provided with first-class or “Jet”, a waiting room for VIP guests, the driver on arrival and assistant speaking the language of the country for 24 hours.

The choice is yours, we only scaled down to fit your desires and translate them into reality.

“Only two things we’ll regret on his deathbed – that little love and little traveled.”

Mark Twain.

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  • Delegation of Madrid

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