When you were a child, each of you wanted to be someone. Peter wanted to be an astronaut, Sasha fireman, and Ivan – the captain. Have you thought about his mission seriously and with responsibility. You grew up, became entrepreneurs, politicians, bankers … and children’s dreams were, except that priorities have changed.

The yacht, sports car, a private jet – it’s not a necessity, but a caprice of people who can afford it.

Classic or modern sailing motor yacht? What do you prefer?

In Spain, millions of fabulous places to which it is impossible to drive up from the road. The best way – this yacht. The winding cliffs, coves amazing, wild and private beaches, with all of this you will be able to meet renting or buying your marine friend. If you would like to go on a long journey, but do not want to cross the border in Spain, the Canary Islands will be your destination in the Atlantic Ocean.

Proveti decided long “week end” in Mallorca or Ibiza? Go to the Balearic Islands. And those who do not like long trips and just wants to celebrate your birthday or divorce, can go to the island nature reserve «Columbretes” in the north of the island, or «Tabarca” in the south.

Spain Why, you ask? Imagine that Spain has nearly 8,000 km of coastline on which there are 355 Yacht Club with 126,950 sites.

Average service yacht size 32 feet, costing 900 euros in the quarter. At 71 foot, the cost increases to 2,800 euros in the quarter, with light, water, security, and sometimes the internet are included. Insurance is around 2,000 euros. As for the ship itself is a very vast world of yachting, from 15,000 euros to “infinito”.

Your personal assistant will pick you the perfect ship anywhere in Spain or make an order for the factory in the country of manufacture. You will receive a discount from the main dealers, and your assistant will offer you some interesting trips around the country.

The ideal climate, beautiful scenery, crystal clear waters and the freedom of the high seas – it’s all you just need to forget about personal problems and plunge into the world of nature.

“Sea – that’s it! His breathing clean, life-giving. His vast desert man does not feel lonely, because he feels around the pulse of life.”

J. Verne.

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